Terms and Conditions

Lenembus Nutrition International Pvt. Ltd. a company incorporated 2017 and having its Registered Office in Visakhapatnam hereafter referred to as the company. The Company is inter-alia into the business of Direct Selling. The Company is promoting its products of nutritional, health supplements skin care and Hair Care, Herbal Care and Food supplements under the brand of Lenembus Nutrition. The Company exclusively uses website to display the details of products, marketing methods, business monitoring, while uses the word of mouth publicity to promote and create awareness and opportunities about the company and its products.

The Company does appoint freelance introducer across the Country for marketing and sale of products. Such Distributors is granted as privilege to the consumer of its products. Interested individuals / body corporate needs to purchase the products upon they being satisfied with the quality and service they can become a freelance Distributor of Company, if they wish to by applying for the same in the prescribed form.

Before filling the application of Distributor / Associate form, the intending Distributor / Associate is advised to go through the terms and conditions mentioned herein below throughly along with those mentioned in column provided as token of their acceptance of the terms and conditions mentioned therein.

  • The registration of Distributor / Associate and an agreement to appoint an individual as a self-employed and independent Distributor / Associate. The Registration form read with Business shall together be construed as a validy entered contract and the Distributor / Associate Lenembus Nutrition International Pvt. Ltd. bound by the terms and conditions herein.
  • Each Registered applicant should be at least 18 years of age at the time of filling Allication to become a Lenembus Distributor / Associate.
  • Distributor / Associate are not permitted, under any circumstance to advertise market or deal in any manner with any product and / or services, Which are not approved by Lenembus in their network.
  • The Distributor / Associate shall not make any claim that is consistent with claims authorised by Lenembus.
  • The Distributor / Associate shall take appropriate steps to ensure protection of all private information provided to him/here by a consumer.
  • A Distributor / Associate, who does not adhere to these rules can be suspended, pending inquiry or terminated from the membership.
  • The Registration of Distributor / Associate is not-transferable and non-refundable.
  • In case of any grievance or complaint received by the Distributor / Associate from a Consumer regarding any product of Lenembus sold in pursuance this contract, the Distributor / Associate shall refer such complaint to the Grievance Redressal Committee of Lenembus which shall address such grievances with0in 30 days. The Distributor / Associate of the Grievance Redressal Committee in respect of such complaints shall be final.
  • The Distributor / Associate hereby authorised Lenembus to send text message related to Lenembus Business on his/her registered mobile number with Lenembus.
  • If your monthly commission is between Rs.100 to 499 and we do not have your updated bank details, then we will issue a product voucher against your commission amount.